They say you never get a second chance
to make a first impression…
so we only have one shot at this!

Our team is made up of two pretty awesome individuals (if I may say so myself) and through our combined talent, passion, hard work, and dedication we continue to strive for greatness everyday.


Mark has been working in the IT market for both the public and private sector for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience within the industry.

His experiences are broad and multifaceted, he has performed 1st,2nd and 3rd line support as well as being proficient in many other skills including, incident, problem and change management including various desktop related roles pertaining to both upgrades and procurement of IT equipment.

Mark stands as a local town councillor, he is also a governor of a local primary school.

He enjoys walking, spending time with the children and can most often be found drinking a cup of tea with a cat in his lap.


Eleanor also has years of experience in the I.T sector, one of her first jobs in the industry was rolling out new I.T equipment, providing desktop services and asset tagging at various sites across the UK

Her hunger for knowledge and determination has caused her to spend hours becoming digitally fluent, learning new things and further develop her IT knowledge base and abilities.

Eleanor enjoys being hands on with repairs whilst also looking after her family. In her free time (not often) she likes to bury her head in a book alongside a large box of maltesers and would like a force field around her laptop that repels cats from her keyboard.